Mint Design Collective is owned and operated by me...Cat!

After running multiple graphic design businesses for several years, and finding the growing number of communication channels, social media accounts and websites becoming increasingly overwhelming!
I merged my businesses into one main design studio, combining business branding, wedding + event stationery and home decor...the beginning of Mint Design Collective!

Mint Design Collective is a modern boutique, always evolving design studio that caters for everything  - it is for everyone, and every chapter in life.

I am a creative with a passion for branding, typography, white space and beautiful designs! I love creating and it is what soothes my soul.  I create branding for business men and women alike and pride myself on providing an adaptive design style to my clients.

Whilst I am a creative at heart, I am more comfortable behind a camera than in front of you can see from my image to the left! When I am not creating designs for clients, I am spending time with my two gorgeous children and husband. We all have things going on, so weekends are our times for quality time and recharging the batteries! I am a coffee lover in the day time hours, but love a glass of wine at the end of the working week....who doesn't?!?

If you have a business, or a wedding, event.....or anything really! I would love to assist you to create a unique design to suit your individual requirements.

If you require a custom design? Get in touch, I would love to hear from you! Otherwise, feel free to grab a coffee (or a wine if you prefer!) and take a stroll through my site. Enjoy!